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Hi all!  this is the english 1st realese version
We want to post pictures and articles about snowfileds, glacierets and glaciers of the Appennini Mountain Range mountains, in Italy.
Near the highest peak of the Appennini, Corno Grande, there is the southern glacier of europe, the calderone glacier.
The majority of our articles are corrected by Massimo Pecci, a researcher of the IMONT.
We're proud of this.
We're working on the english version, so it is not ready. For comments and informations please write here; we would love to answer you.
Thanks to Giuseppe Petricca for the translation.

*the calderone glacier
       *statistic data notes
*summer 2007 (italian)
*summer 2008 (italian)
*summer 2009 (italian)
*snowfields and glacierets in Val Forcone
*the glacieret in the pothole of Mt. Amaro
 *Snowfield at the mouth of the amphitheater of the Murelle
* Snowfields of the Majella and the Appennine panorama, by Cristiano Iurisci
*Snowfield of the Cretarolan hollow
*The Gravone snowfield